Used treadmills - An affordable option

Used treadmills – An affordable option?

Mention used treadmills at your local gym and you’re bound to get a few strange looks. You see buying a used treadmill is often seen as risky business.

Many people believe that buying second-hand treadmills also means you buy a whole lot of problems like faulty and worn parts. The truth is buying a used treadmills doesn’t have to involve any risk or worry.

Some online suppliers of exercise equipment now sell used treadmills that have been restored through a process called remanufacturing.

This technological process is very much like the restoration process of a car, the treadmill is completely disassembled, all the imperfections are removed or rebuilt, the parts are then put together and what results is a piece of equipment able to look, feel and especially function like a brand new one.

Used treadmills at up to 50% off the new retail price!

One of the best online suppliers of remanufactured used treadmills is They specialize in the reconditioning of brand name exercise equipment such as star trac, cybex and precor.

They able to rebuild or refurbish even the most sophisticated parts of the second-hand exercise equipment, including motors, elevation systems, mechanical components etc, so that, once the process is completed, the technicians can declare the product as highly qualitative as a totally new one. Moreover, after being reconditioned, the machines are tested for approximately 24 hours, before leaving the factory.

The great thing about remanufactured is that although you get an effectively new treadmill you can expect to save up to 50% of the new retail price. With that sort of saving you would be silly not to review the treadmills. Luckily for you I have done the hard work for you, here is my review of the best used treadmills on offer.

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Note: All the above treadmills can be reviewed at Mega

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Best Online Suppliers Of Used Treadmills

Used treadmills - An affordable option

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Proform, Endurance, Reebok, Life Fitness, Star Trac, Used treadmills and other makes and models for all your treadmill needs.